The book is at the printer now….all 210 pages of it! I should have it back by the end of this week. Can’t wait to see what it looks like in print. There wasn’t time to complete all the detail I wanted in the time allotted, so I will probably consider this a proof copy, complete the balance and then send it to the printer later.

In the end, I used more than 300 high quality photographs. The chapters are designed by theme and color. Each page background is a different color and has contrasting colors for text boxes.


I used Lulu as the self-publishing company and don’t think I would use them again. They have absolutely no customer service and will only allow you to speak with a person if you pay additional fees for “consulting”.

Some of my classmates used the company, Blurb, for their self-publisher. I believe they had a better experience all around. They were able to get customer service, there was a better method for submitting the book, etc.

It is all a learning experience when you are self-publishing for the first time. It is nice to see first hand the experience other students had with different printers. This will all happen on May 22, our final presentation.


With the looming deadline for getting my book to the printer, I realized that I haven’t done a page count lately. My 120 page book has morphed into a 210 page book. This is after I cut four chapters from my original plan. Don’t ask me how this happened. I don’t even know except that I have been working nonstop to meet the cut-off date to get it to the printer. I completed the 12 chapters last night at around midnight. I wish that meant that the job is done, but it is not.

The next step is the get the front and back pages together and then to render the book in InDesign’s book feature. If you didn’t read about thie front and back requirements in my previous post, look at my DWAI???? post on April 5th. I still have a lotta stuff to do!

I set up a comprehensive preflight checker for the book to alert me of any errors. It lets you know if your images are less than 300 PPI and if your text boxes are out of bounds, etc. This has been extremely helpful to me and I have fixed most of the problems that came up on preflight. Wish me luck, I only have a few days to get it to the printer!!

Here is a little quote that I hope you will enjoy:

May your heart be happy,
may your days be bright,
may your roads be smooth,
may your burdens be light,
may you find dreams,
may you touch the stars,
may you never forget how special you are.

14 days til the book has to be sent to the printer. I am very disappointed that we have not been given the promised time without homework assignments to write the book. I still have two big assignments to do in addition to completing the book in fourteen days. Fitting this in with the assignments from 3 other classes will be nearly impossible.


It is clear that I will have to cut back the chapters I had planned in order to meet the deadline. I will need to finish the book after the school semester and re-print the completed book What a bummer!


April 22 (today) marks the 43rd annual Earth Day celebration. With regard to book publication, self-published authors have a print-on-demand option which can help with environmental preservation, but it is not really a viable option in other regards.

Print-on-demand requires you to list your book with a self-publishing agency which takes a percentage. Also, print-on-demand is nearly twice as expensive as bulk printing, so the cost of the book is not competitive. Then, too, there’s the lag between the time of order and the time the book is received.

Today is a day I need to work on being patient. This past week, I had no time at all to work on the book and it was making me a little crazy tip I realized I just need to be patient and know that it will be done with steady focus and effort.


I also hope to be patient and wait for the e-book course that may soon be available as this is by far the better option for self-publishing.


Three 16-year-old boys were arrested Thursday in the sexual battery of an intoxicated and unconscious 15-year-old Saratoga CA High School student, who killed herself last fall after photos of the assault went viral. She was beautiful, talented and loved…just embarking on her life’s journey.

Assaulted Teen Suicide
She became so depressed, she posted on Facebook, calling it the “worst day in her life,” a life she now wanted to end — which she did Sept. 10, eight days after the assault.


This post is about depression and how it affects millions of Americans. It’s often not what happens to us that plunges us into depression, but how we internalize and interpret events. One purpose of the Comfort Links book is to help train our brains to constantly reinforce and rebuild our self esteem, reboot and change direction and overcome feelings of depression. When bad things happen, eventually all the pieces fall into place again. Until then, we can learn to cope with the confusion, live for the moment and know that everything happens for a reason.


Noone ever really knows how much anyone else is hurting. We could be standing next to someone who is completely broken and we wouldn’t even know it. A little spark of kindness can put a colossal burst of sunshine into someone’s day.


Just in case you thought writing and publishing a book is just to write the book to an “end”, lay it out and send it to the printer…….think again!

Dedication, Epigraph, Table of Contents, Foreword, Preface, ISBN, Copyright, Disclaimers, Warranties, Prologue, Acknowledgements, Introduction….….BOOK…….Epilogue, Afterword, Postscript, Extro, Appendix, Glossary, Index, Bibliography, Colophon……THE END.


We are now covering front matter and back matter. What the heck is that?????

In case you may want to publish one day…..front matter is explained here
and back matter is explained here. That’s a whole lotta extra work!!! Wowee, this book is supposed to go to print at the end of this month and no time at all has been spent on actual content. All our work has centered on text formatting, layout, templates and using the InDesign software to collate the book and extract the index terms on practice text, etc.

Guess I just have to trust the process and go day by day to see if I can get this sucker to the printer on time. Yeah, it’s always a good thing to have deadlines even if they seem to be impossible. Without deadlines, most of us wouldn’t get a whole lot done. Dreams and deadlines are what make it possible.


001_25AWhat follows is a shortened, reprised version of one of the most amazing talks ever. Randy Pausch, a smart, funny and fit Carnegie Mellon Professor, gave this moving presentation in September 2007. It is timeless. At the time of the video, Randy was in the prime of his life with a young family. He had been given 3 months to live (with only 2 months remaining) due to pancreatic cancer.

With great humor and grace, he talks about his childhood dreams and lessons learned, then gives advice to students on how to achieve their own career and personal goals. Randy outlasted his doctors’ predictions by several months and died in July 2008.

SMALLLastLectureCoverWhile taking chemotherapy and with only months left to live, this beautiful man completed a book entitled “The Last Lecture” before his death. Randy said that he did it for just three people and they will read it when they get older (his three children were still too young to read at the time).

Wow! His story makes my book project seem like a cakewalk.