Attitude of Gratitude

One thing I know for sure is that beginning each day with an attitude of gratitude can jump start me onto a high road.  Everything seems easier. Saying why I am grateful and saying the words out loud gives me an energy boost and a megadose of health and wealth.  It makes me feel good.  And, how I feel about myself has a precessional effect on others like dropping a stone into smooth water and watching the ripples spread out.  10 or 15 gratitude minutes each morning can change a life (and others, precessionally) for the better.



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  1. Hello! I love your layout. You definitely have a positive vibe about you. I do like seeing your happy face in class and past class we had with each other.

    Question, how should I go about my 15 minutes of gratitude each morning. Any actual steps I can focus on?

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