Where is the Starting Block?

I’m confused.  As I look at my class schedule, we are not allowed to start working on the actual book for several more weeks.  How can that be?  The sucker is supposed to be completed by May 1 to go to the printer before our “final” presentations!  There is hardly any discussion about the contents of the book.  We spend ungodly hours learning about text formatting and mundane minutia (not at all anything that floats my boat).  4 hours a week plus homework on this and counting…..

Does anyone think this is a viable project timeline?  Not me!  We’re not even at the starting block!  I wanna step forward on the meat of the book and git er done.




  1. Wow !! So much work ahead of you, but your motives are true & of much benefit to the minds of future readers. Please hang in there, I am sure you will be so happy once you hold your dear book in hand.
    Congratulations !!

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  3. This sounds like the InDesign 2 class. I took it from Windsor Green and also From Cyndi hence I created 2 books. I too was worried about when it would all come together and did way too much work on the first one by not waiting to create a template. It would be good to be gathering all the meat/content for your book and have an idea how you are going to arrange it. You could maybe even play with a short mock up but I would really suggest waiting till you have created the template before trying to put it together. Having a template will make it easy to just slap in the content when the time comes. All that mundane stuff will make sense in the long run and those paragraph styles will be a godsend…. Pat Delaplane

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