On Creating the Book

February 23, 2013


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Marlene Ardoin March 3, 2013

-“I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.” ~Michael Jordan #neverstop #cs5711

Freddy February 26, 2013

I agree its very inspirational i enjoy reading this kinds of quotes.

Debra Gardner February 26, 2013

Good Luck. You have the right frame of mind for moving forward. I have such a problem reading, I would be scared to wrtie a book. Just writing a blog about my father is hard for me. I am glad that I choose something that I have a deep emotional connection with. Thaks for the positive attidude.

Sam Euston February 25, 2013

I have found this to be quite true, especially as I have pursued interests and endeavors that appeared way beyond my capabilities and intellect.

Mike Costanzo February 25, 2013

Your writing is clear and the photos beautiful. The layout is not engaging, in my view. It seems as though one needs to set the hook early or readers quickly move on. Not an expert, just my cs5711 comment.

Barbara Evans February 24, 2013

I love your photographs, they are captivating. I see a theme of radiant sunlight and illuminating light. I like the positive words too. Thanks!

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