The Magic Bullet

As I work on the book and surround myself with a variety of inspiring topics, the magic bullet becomes clear. Forget all the Rx prescriptions, the grass, the meth, the coke. Forget it all. If you want to fly high, gratitude wins, hands down.

I recently had a visitor to this blog make a comment asking for more information on how to spend 5 to 10 minutes each morning focusing on gratitude. I am including a poem and a video to help explain the magic of gratitude. We are such a “sound bite”, “instant gratification” society that sometimes we forget to take a few minutes to smell the flowers. Here’s a chance for you to inhale gratitude today:

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Be Grateful

(Edgar Guest)

Be grateful for the kindly friends that walk along your way;
Be grateful for the skies of blue that smile from day to day;
Be grateful for the health you own, the work you find to do,
For round about you there are men less fortunate than you.

Be grateful for the growing trees, the roses soon to bloom,
The tenderness of kindly hearts that shared your days of gloom;
Be grateful for the morning dew, the grass beneath your feet,
The soft caresses of your babes and all their laughter sweet.

Acquire the grateful habit, learn to see how blessed you are,
How much there is to gladden life, how little life to mar!
And what if rain shall fall today and you with grief are sad;
Be grateful that you can recall the joys that you have had.

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