eBook Enchantment

eBooks and iBooks are waaaaaaaay cool! An ebook can actually “read” to you as you follow along by putting markers in the code around every word in the book. It displays cool effects such as the audio file highlighting or changing the font color of the word for the reader as the audio plays.

iBooks have just recently gone bonkers with a variety of really interesting animations and enhancements. The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine eBook shown below is one of the best examples of over-the-top interactivity. Download the eBook to an iPad here for free from the iTunes store to get the full effect. Note that this is a fixed eBook format.

After slogging through an entire continent of text formatting wilderness, I am nudging up against the very real time-frame for actually laying out my paper book and figuring out where all that hunky dory text is gonna go.

Since my book has a lot of photos, it requires a fixed eBook layout. Now the trick is to do the original paper book layout in a style compatible with conversion to fixed eBook which I plan to do later. I’ll have to poke around in my eBook laboratory with Google searches for the latest how-to info. By the way, the going rate for paper to eBook conversion service is about $300 per 60 pages. The rate for animated conversion such as “Yellow Submarine” is $150 per hour (and that’s a lotta hours). This is an area of growing job opportunity.


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