Thoughts Live. They Travel Far.

Getting down to the heart of the book now. There is a hierarchy that feels important to me. The broad and overarching message is that our choice of thoughts control our lives and our destinies. Our thoughts collectively become our “command center” and our “intuition” controlling every action and emotion.

Under the “command center” umbrella comes the first priority which is starting each day with an attitude of gratitude. May sound hokey, but this simple 10 minute thought process each morning will make an unimaginable positive change in each and every day resulting in a whole new energy and outlook on life.

The graph below demonstrates how just a small daily change over time (in this case 365 days) will take you to a totally different place.


Next in priority comes thought processes around family, friends and associates and how our thoughts can guide relationships in a positive or negative direction.

After that are important chapters that can be interchanged in priority depending on your circumstances. So that’s the beginning blueprint for an “owner’s manual” for making our way through the obstacle course of life. The title is Comfort Links for a reason. There is great comfort in having thoughts that can lift our spirits and make our heart sing. The added benefit is that we can reflect our thoughts and watch others mirror them back to us.


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  1. You are so right, we all so need to have faith in our hearts. Towards people, towards life, always looking at the positive in any given situation. And in people, only paying attention to the good in them. Disregard the negative feedback some people are so willing to give, and only retain positive feedback. It does so much good to our minds, hearts, and overall well-being. Thank you.

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