Just in case you thought writing and publishing a book is just to write the book to an “end”, lay it out and send it to the printer…….think again!

Dedication, Epigraph, Table of Contents, Foreword, Preface, ISBN, Copyright, Disclaimers, Warranties, Prologue, Acknowledgements, Introduction….….BOOK…….Epilogue, Afterword, Postscript, Extro, Appendix, Glossary, Index, Bibliography, Colophon……THE END.


We are now covering front matter and back matter. What the heck is that?????

In case you may want to publish one day…..front matter is explained here
and back matter is explained here. That’s a whole lotta extra work!!! Wowee, this book is supposed to go to print at the end of this month and no time at all has been spent on actual content. All our work has centered on text formatting, layout, templates and using the InDesign software to collate the book and extract the index terms on practice text, etc.

Guess I just have to trust the process and go day by day to see if I can get this sucker to the printer on time. Yeah, it’s always a good thing to have deadlines even if they seem to be impossible. Without deadlines, most of us wouldn’t get a whole lot done. Dreams and deadlines are what make it possible.


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  1. Great blog and nice pictures and quotes, very inspiring. As long as you believe in yourself then you will make all your deadlines. Good luck and enjoy the journey till the end of your book…:)

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