Honor Earth Day Today!

April 22 (today) marks the 43rd annual Earth Day celebration. With regard to book publication, self-published authors have a print-on-demand option which can help with environmental preservation, but it is not really a viable option in other regards.

Print-on-demand requires you to list your book with a self-publishing agency which takes a percentage. Also, print-on-demand is nearly twice as expensive as bulk printing, so the cost of the book is not competitive. Then, too, there’s the lag between the time of order and the time the book is received.

Today is a day I need to work on being patient. This past week, I had no time at all to work on the book and it was making me a little crazy tip I realized I just need to be patient and know that it will be done with steady focus and effort.


I also hope to be patient and wait for the e-book course that may soon be available as this is by far the better option for self-publishing.


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  1. One of the best ways that I know to honor the earth —and yourself, is to “Walk the Earth in a Sacred Manner”.
    This is a practice taught to me by Beautiful Painted Arrow (Joseph Rael).
    If one listens with the right attention one might even hear the sound of walking, and I don’t mean your footsteps striking the earth.
    PS: Perseverance Furthers known as active patience.

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