With the looming deadline for getting my book to the printer, I realized that I haven’t done a page count lately. My 120 page book has morphed into a 210 page book. This is after I cut four chapters from my original plan. Don’t ask me how this happened. I don’t even know except that I have been working nonstop to meet the cut-off date to get it to the printer. I completed the 12 chapters last night at around midnight. I wish that meant that the job is done, but it is not.

The next step is the get the front and back pages together and then to render the book in InDesign’s book feature. If you didn’t read about thie front and back requirements in my previous post, look at my DWAI???? post on April 5th. I still have a lotta stuff to do!

I set up a comprehensive preflight checker for the book to alert me of any errors. It lets you know if your images are less than 300 PPI and if your text boxes are out of bounds, etc. This has been extremely helpful to me and I have fixed most of the problems that came up on preflight. Wish me luck, I only have a few days to get it to the printer!!

Here is a little quote that I hope you will enjoy:

May your heart be happy,
may your days be bright,
may your roads be smooth,
may your burdens be light,
may you find dreams,
may you touch the stars,
may you never forget how special you are.

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