At the Printer Now!

The book is at the printer now….all 210 pages of it! I should have it back by the end of this week. Can’t wait to see what it looks like in print. There wasn’t time to complete all the detail I wanted in the time allotted, so I will probably consider this a proof copy, complete the balance and then send it to the printer later.

In the end, I used more than 300 high quality photographs. The chapters are designed by theme and color. Each page background is a different color and has contrasting colors for text boxes.


I used Lulu as the self-publishing company and don’t think I would use them again. They have absolutely no customer service and will only allow you to speak with a person if you pay additional fees for “consulting”.

Some of my classmates used the company, Blurb, for their self-publisher. I believe they had a better experience all around. They were able to get customer service, there was a better method for submitting the book, etc.

It is all a learning experience when you are self-publishing for the first time. It is nice to see first hand the experience other students had with different printers. This will all happen on May 22, our final presentation.


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  1. Jenne,
    So glad to hear that your book is in the printer now. I’m sure it will turn fine, I like the quality of Lulu’s work.
    Can’t wait to read your book full of meaningful thoughts and images. I’m sure it will be very inspiring!!!
    Victoria 🙂

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