The Book Arrives…….

With great anticipation, I have been awaiting my prized first book. I had chosen a style from a book which has really beautiful photography and different colored backgrounds on all the pages. It is absolutely gorgeous and I carefully chose my colors and images to display in a similar style. Interestingly, this example book was printed in China. The colors are pure, the images and all printing is beautifully crisp and the quality is fantastic.

As you know from my postings this book has been a tremendous amount of work. I began working on it in the summer, June 2012, and have worked almost non-stop with great anticipation of having a beautiful book similar to my example.

The book has arrived from the printer. What a crushing disappointment! The print job from Lulu is pure schlock. Here are the problems:

1. Nearly every page in the book has an ugly black line at the top with a white strip beyond that. These are pages that were carefully laid out with all the correct bleeds for color backgrounds.
2. I have a lot of large two page photo spreads which do not accurately line up as in my meticulously laid out InDesign document. That is due to the shifting that caused the black lines and white edges.
3. The cover is supposed to be a beautiful pink water lily surrounded by pale green water lily leaves. Lulu’s version is purple. The color shifts throughout are disappointing.
4. Because my book turned out to be 210 pages rather than my example book of 120 pages, the items running close to the center do not show well.

Lulu has agreed to reprint the book and overnight it to me, but I’m not sure I will get it by Wednesday which is our final presentation date.

The instructor did tell us to count the first printing as a “proof” since most students discover a lot of ways they could have improved their books. That is an expensive proof – $55! The instructor was correct in that we will all learn a lot from the first printing.


Awaiting the reprinted copy to see what the improvement may be….there are other adjustments that need to be made when the final printing is done. I may just print the book in China like my example for it has the quality that I am striving for.


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